Mohammad Nabi Plans To Build Cancer Hospital In Afghanistan

Mohammad Nabi

Mohammad Nabi is one of the most prolific and renowned cricketers to be ever produced by Afghanistan and he will be remembered for ages for his contribution to the team. He has represented his country in 136 ODIs while scoring 2968 runs and taking 144 wickets as well. Nabi has impressed and inspired lots of potential young cricketers in Afghanistan by reaching this stage of success in his career.

Now, he is planning to contribute some of his well-earned money to humanity by building a cancer hospital in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan.

He confessed his plans regarding the construction of the cancer hospital in a meeting that was held on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day. The hospital which will be built to be named as Addie Cancer Hospital.

As per the reports of TOLOnews, the hospital would have a dedicated treatment department for patients with Thalassemia along with sensitive care given to cancer patients.

Overall, the good move from Mohammad Nabi was welcomed with a warm heart from the Ministry of Public Health. He was lauded for his great initiative towards creating a good society.

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